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Area Access Control

Area Access Control

The area access control is a smart solution for controlling access into restricted or reserved areas for particular individuals or groups of people. These areas can be anything from a meeting rooms, sporting facilities, residences, or even labs.

Many access options are available for different security needs, with using I.D. cards, passwords, and biometrics. These traditional access control systems are further enhanced with smart booking system and an unmanned system (building automation) for organizing and managing areas and facilities effectively and efficiently.

Product Highlights

Core Components

The essential building blocks.



Area access will typically have a terminal, one either with or without a screen for displaying various information. The terminals are used mainly for user authentication and access authorization.



A locking system that comprises of an EM (electromagnetic) lock, lock bracket, exit switch, emergency break glass, emergency key switch, and mounting accessories for securing access into an area.

Control Box.png


The controllers are installed inside a controller box that also has the emergency backup battery in case of black-out. Both the terminal and lock will connect to the control which connect to the network.


Booking System

Organize and manage limited resources by offering booking services that users can self-book and manage on their own.

Unmanned System

Automate light, air conditioning, and other miscellaneous control. As well as enabling remote control and manual control via on-premise digital panel.


Functional Design

​Designed for practicality.



Numerous access options available. Customers can opt for on-screen inputs such as passwords and pin-codes. Cards such as barcodes and RFID. Biometric such as facial recognition and finger scans.



Exit switches come in many shapes, sizes, and types. Customers can start by choosing between contact and contact-less buttons that can work by simply waving a few centimeters over the button.



A conventional break-glass door release emergency switch is the surest way to ensure safety as it works by physical contact, meaning it will have much less opportunity for failure when it really count. 

Seamless Integration

A meaningful system integration.



Integration with the library management system has never been easier with the SIP2 protocol and the newer method of application programming interface (API)



In the age of innovation, as more products and services are introduced with API, we are enabled a more comprehensive level of meaningful integration.

Product in Solutions

The ideal solutions for the Area Access Control.

Self-service Library

Improving user service experience while reducing unnecessary staff workloads.

Co-learning Library

Transformation that cater changing trends, expectations, and lifestyles.

Unmanned Library

Pinnacle of user experience in self-serviceability and library management.

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