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Automatic Slide Door

Automatic Slide Door

The automatic slide doors are typically the main point of entry and exit for certain areas and facilities. Thus, the automatic door must be able to operate and support high amount of daily traffic with satisfactory performance.

As such, a good quality automatic slide doors are not only made of good quality materials and parts, but are also designed to operate consistently and smoothly without failing. In addition, various activators and sensors are installed for ease of use and that pedestrians safety are ensured.

Product Highlights

Core Components

The essential building blocks.



The track is the main driving component of the automatic slide door. Comprised of pulley, belt, motor, controller, and other miscellaneous parts all working together to drive the door.



The doors are typically made of tempered glass of varying dimensions to suit specific space. They are also typically equipped with manual locks and safety sensors along the door frames.



Activators are simply switches or sensors for "activating" the doors. They can either be close range hand switches as well as longer range sensors such as radar, infrared, and pressure sensors.



​Meticulous in design. The automatic slide door must be uncompromising, ensuring the best performance and safety.

Functional Design

​Designed for practicality.



There are many options for access sensors. These sensors simply detect movements or changes in the environment. Hence, it is vitally important that the right technology is chosen to suite specific needs.



Given the sheer weight and the driving power of the sliding doors, it could potentially cause severe bodily harm if not equipped with the necessary sensors to prevent undesired accidents.



A good performance automatic slide door is one that operates consistently, smoothly, soundlessly, and promptly. Every parts are made of good quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control.

Seamless Integration

A meaningful system integration.



Integration with the library management system has never been easier with the SIP2 protocol and the newer method of application programming interface (API)



In the age of innovation, as more products and services are introduced with API, we are enabled a more comprehensive level of meaningful integration.

Product in Solutions

The ideal solutions for the Automatic Slide Door.

Self-service Library

Improving user service experience while reducing unnecessary staff workloads.

Co-learning Library

Transformation that cater changing trends, expectations, and lifestyles.

Unmanned Library

Pinnacle of user experience in self-serviceability and library management.

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