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Building Security

Our Building Security Products

In our years of developing and providing smart products and solutions to our customers, we have responded to an increasing demands and expanded our range of hardware and software offerings for building security products.


Our focus is catered to both building and home security, providing a range of products from access control to monitoring and active intrusion prevention systems. Our security products and solutions will make sure that your workplace or home is completely safe from unauthorized access and intrusions from uninvited parties and individuals.


Turnstile Barrier

Stainless steel access control turnstile barrier gates

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Area Access Control

Intuitive access control panel and EM locking system


Register Kiosk

All-in-one visitor registration via I.D. and passports


Parking Access Control

Reliable access gate and parking kiosks and peripherals


People Counter Gate

Automatic people counter, with insightful patron reports

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CCTV System

High definition and inherent features for better monitoring


Automatic Slide Door

High quality, high performance area access slide door

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Emergency System

Communicate and alert staff in the event of an emergency

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