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Library Solutions

Today, many libraries remain labor-intensive, requiring staff to manually perform mundane tasks that otherwise may be automated. Facing these challenges of menial and labor-intensive processes, libraries are now adapting to changes and are adopting RFID and smart technology and solutions that enable management automation and self-serviceability. By adapting to change and adopting new technology, library can creates better service experience and satisfaction for both staff and patrons alike.

Self-Service Library

Improving user service experience while reducing unnecessary staff workloads.

Remote Library

Deployment of vending kiosks and smart lockers to serve users in remote areas.

Co-learning Library

Transformation that cater changing trends, expectations, and lifestyles.

Electronics Library

Access online e-books and other digital contents from anywhere and at anytime.

Unmanned Library

Pinnacle of user experience in self-serviceability and library management.

Library Management System

Manage library's physical and digital resources effectively and efficiently.

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