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Emergency System

Emergency System

The Emergency System comprises of many sub-systems that are designed to respond to different emergencies. These emergencies could be classified as intrusions, accidents, and even natural disasters.

Emergency systems are implemented based on the critical needs of such building or facility. Some systems are implemented with the construction of the building, while others may also be implemented after the completion. Hence, it is of vital importance that emergency considerations are taken into account at the earliest opportune.

Product Highlights

Core Components

The essential building blocks.


Environmental Sensors

Sensors are extremely useful in determining the changes in the environment. Thus, they are perfect tool for alerting the emergency systems of such intrusions, accidents, and other possible crisis.


Security Terminals

Whether it be for security, emergency, or assistance purposes. Security terminals are useful for sounding SOS and communicating to relevant staff for assisting in various sisuations.


Emergency Devices

There are various emergency devices for responding to different kind of emergencies. Fire, flood, quake, blackout are some such crisis that has emergency devices most appropriate to the situation.


Complete Security

Security and emergency systems are the forefront safety measures for both people and assets against possible intruders, accidents, and natural disasters.

Functional Design

​Designed for practicality.



One of the most effective emergency systems are ones that actually work when needed. The systems must stand the test of time, its environments, and still able to work reliably and consistently.



A well designed emergency systems are ones that are interoperable with other systems such as turnstile barriers and automatic slide doors. Ensuring escape paths are accommodated.



In a state of emergency, where every seconds count, having the ability to easily access emergency systems close to hand, when needed is one of the most imperative and essential design.

Seamless Integration

A meaningful system integration.



Integration with the library management system has never been easier with the SIP2 protocol and the newer method of application programming interface (API)



In the age of innovation, as more products and services are introduced with API, we are enabled a more comprehensive level of meaningful integration.

Product in Solutions

The ideal solutions for the Emergency System.

Self-service Library

Improving user service experience while reducing unnecessary staff workloads.

Co-learning Library

Transformation that cater changing trends, expectations, and lifestyles.

Unmanned Library

Pinnacle of user experience in self-serviceability and library management.

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