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Turnstile Barrier

Turnstile Barrier

The turnstile barriers are an important security measure in any settings where it is necessary to distinguish members and non-members to ensure safety as it is required to scan identification in order to gain access to the vicinity.

When integrated with related systems, the turnstile barriers can also offer more value than just regular member access. Non-members can apply for entry at the register kiosk to gain access, security gates can trigger turnstile barrier lockdown in the case of theft or error, and event trigger CCTV system will record important timestamps for reviews.

Product Highlights

User Authentication

Input methods for ease of user authentication.



Modern day technology has allowed biometric identification such as finger, palm, and face recognition to reach a level where it is accurate enough to be practical for high level traffic commercial use. 



Highly reliable, inexpensive, and easy to source. Barcodes are still widely used as preferred as a method for user authentication. Customer can opt for both 1D and 2D barcodes as desired.

RFID Scanning.jpg


Known as a contactless smart card, RFID / NFC are the easiest method for user authentication. As it does not require line-of-sight scanning, RFID is the more preferred method for its speed and ease of use.



The value of the turnstile barriers greatly shines when it is integrated with other related systems such as registration kiosk, security gates, CCTV, and emergency systems.

Functional Design

​Designed for practicality.


Friendly Indicators

LED indicators help to determine which lanes are accessible. As lanes can be switched from entry-only, exit-only, and entry-exit using the back-office management software to configure the barrier settings.


Pedestrian Safety

One of the most concerned issue is the safety. The turnstile barriers are equipped with a number of sensors to detect movements and objects within the lanes, with the wings also having suspension feedbacks.


Long-life Performance

Turnstile barriers are designed for millions of pedestrian walkthrough. Each component are factory-tested and quality assured to perform and are also designed to be easily maintained and replacable. 


Product Variants

​Different situations has different needs.



Classic butterfly or flap wings, fast and efficient.



Wing height adjustable and intuitive opening directions.



Wing height adjustable and sleek opening movements.



Compliance with the disability standards for accessibility. 

Seamless Integration

A meaningful system integration.



Integration with the library management system has never been easier with the SIP2 protocol and the newer method of application programming interface (API)



In the age of innovation, as more products and services are introduced with API, we are enabled a more comprehensive level of meaningful integration.

Product in Solutions

The ideal solutions for the Turnstile Barrier.

Self-service Library

Improving user service experience while reducing unnecessary staff workloads.

Co-learning Library

Transformation that cater changing trends, expectations, and lifestyles.

Unmanned Library

Pinnacle of user experience in self-serviceability and library management.

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